introducing ARB-EX
A specialist air excavation tool developed for the Arboricultural Industry by Selwyn Trees in conjunction with VAC-EX
about​ the arb-ex

Unlike other Air Excavation tools the Arb-Ex uses a modular design concept.

The Arb-Ex optimises effectiveness for specific arboricultural outcomes using specialist interchangeable nozzles which are highly engineered non-conductive and long-lasting.
It is the ideal solution for inspecting tree roots by removing the soil around them without causing any damage.

In Arboriculture the Arb-Ex can be used for
e root inspections
soil de-compaction
root collar inspections
remedial applications
​root trenching
why arb-ex?
  • A non-invasive root excavation tool
  • Specifically designed for the arboricultural industry.
  • Specialist interchangeble nozzles for carrying out a wide range of specific arboricultural operations.
  • Fully Health & Safety compliant.
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
fighting the battle against soil compaction
Soil compaction is one of the primary causes of urban plant failure. When growing in compacted soil, the tree roots are, in effect, suffocated. They can’t absorb the nutrients and there is no air available in the soil that the tree needs to live. Using an air excavation tool it is possible to de-compact soil within the root zone.

The Arb-Ex has been designed with de-compaction in mind. Firstly, the Arb-Ex nozzle allows for easy soil stirring. The overall length of the Arb-Ex is shorter than similar tools; this means that the tool can be operated from a comfortable height, minimising repetitive strain injuries. With the addition of the auxiliary handle, it further increases operator comfort and controllability.

Once the soil has been de-compacted, mulch can be stirred into the soil to add nutrition. 
the multipurpose arboricultural soil excavation tool
The Arb-Ex is a unique tool which can benefit any professional that works around tree root systems. The aim of the Arb-Ex is to allow for easy, non-aggressive and effective soil excavation.
The tool design is focused around two different elements of soil excavation. The de-compaction nozzle is used for breaking up compacted soil horizons around the tree roots, with the precision nozzle then allowing for intricate root investigations.
Each nozzle features a steel narrow shaft for easy access, penetration and root damage control, a rounded brass tip which is very strong and non conductive and an interchangeable screw fitting for quick and simple nozzle change
precision nozzle
Thin and durable shaft allows for easy working within congested root zones and tight spaces.
The rounded, bullet-shape tip limits abrasion. Best used for intricate work for example, root investigation.
The nozzle is 400mm long
power nozzle
A nozzle designed specifically for de-compaction and allows the breaking up of solid soil horizons to allow air and water to percolate down into the root system. The steel de-compaction nozzle is thicker and stronger for tougher soils.
The nozzle is 400mm long
quality products
The Arb-Ex has interchangeable, specialist, highly engineered long-lasting arboricultural nozzles.
Backed by Vac-Ex, a leader in air excavation technology.
Comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty. ​​
applications of the arb-ex
Root investigations are useful for identifying and analysing tree root conditions.The thin nozzle of the Arb-Ex tool can access tree roots via tight confined spaces and entry points. The Arb-Ex concentrates a focused stream of supersonic air which quickly displaces soil, but doesn’t cause damage. Perfect for surveys and reports.
The heart of the Arb-Ex tool is the specifically designed nozzles. The thin, rounded tipped probe turns the Arb-Ex into a precision air excavator. The nozzle makes working in tight congested root systems very easy.  

When trenches need to be dug near protected trees for (foundations or utility installation), the Arb-Ex provides a non-damaging alternative to mechanical excavation. It is quicker, more efficient and safer than traditional mechanical methods. The overall proportions of Arb-Ex adds to operator comfort, safety and control.
Thanks to modern research arborists are now able to provide a variety of treatments to encourage root development and combat soil compaction. Soil compaction is one of the primary causes of urban plant failure. When growing in compacted soil, tree roots are, in effect, suffocated. The Arb Ex is the tool of choice for de-compacting (soil stirring) around trees because it concentrates a high volume of air on a small area of soil. The nozzle’s rounded tip can be rested on the surface of the soil and makes stirring easy, efficient and penetrating.  
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