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standard arb-ex kit


arb-ex body
power nozzle
precision nozzle
whip check
debris cone
£920.00 + VAT

if you would like to purchase an arb-ex please contact us via phone or email

​arb-ex design
The design encorporates a health and safety compliant body for comfortable, sustainable handling. The design affords air excavation which is powerful/precise/non-invasive/efficient and effective.

For instance, soil decompaction can be achieved by agitating the soil or alternatively, single shot injections via a grid and small access points - covering large areas quickly and with little or no debris.
Nozzles and additional products
aeration nozzle
power nozzle
precision nozzle
This multi-outlet nozzle simultaneously injects the ground from four points. This results in the ground being flooded with air.

Length: 400mm

£85.00 + VAT​
This heavy-duty nozzle can be used to burrow into the ground and impact stubborn surfaces, allowing air and water to percolate into the roots. The 10mm direct bore gives the operator tremendous air flow and is ideal for solid soil horizons.

Length: 400mm

​£70.00 + VAT
This thin-shafted nozzle is ideal for accessing intricate and congested root systems. The 8mm direct bore gives the operator a more precise control.

Length: 400mm

​£70.00 + VAT
debris skirt
Height: approx 1100mm
Base: 18.5”
Weight: approx 2kg

£160.00 + VAT