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Q: What is the Arb-Ex?
A: The Arb-Ex is a soil excavation tool, specifically designed for arboricultural use.
Q: What other equipment is needed to use an Arb-Ex
A: You will need a 120 cfm compressor and compressor air hose plus the Arb-Ex tool.
Q: How long will my order take to arrive?
A: Turn around will be within 3 working days.
Q: What is your returns policy?
A: Arb-Ex comes with a two year manufactures warranty. If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact Selwyn Trading, we will arrange for collection and replacement.
Q: How do I know that my payment details are safe?
A: All card details are processed via secure card processing gateway, operated by world leading card processing company; RMS (Retail Merchant Services)
Q: How does Arb-Ex compare against similar products?
A: The Arb-Ex has been designed to outperform its competitors. With its dedicated slim probe shaft, it funnels the air uniquely, using a tapered brass tipped nozzle. 
This enables the operator to efficiently stir the top surface of soil to achieve deeper de-compaction around roots. It also enables the operator to probe deeper through roots and through confined spaces without causing root damage. The body is shorter than many other tools and supported by an auxiliary handle for more comfortable operator use, over extended periods.

Q: Is it safe to use around Utilities/Services?

A: Yes, the Arb-Ex is an advanced version of a National Grid ‘approved tool’ and independently test to 75kV 
It is the only air excavation tool used by arborists that holds this status.
Q: Do you offer any additional services?
A: Selwyn Trading is part of the Selwyn Group which specialises in the field of arboricultural services and equipment.
For more information on either of these services, please feel free to visit our subsequent website;